This Week in Web – SMF2, ZF2, Python Lamdas, Future of JS, Titanium 1.7

Posted on June 18, 2011

Simple Machines Forum 2.0 Final

After being at Release Candidate stage for over two years, SMF 2.0 has now gone gold. Along with some minor bug fixes and security enhancements the biggest change is that SMF 2 is now licensed under the BSD License. SMF 1 and all previous SMF 2 RCs were licensed under a propriety ‘SMF License’ that prevented people from modifying the original SMF source and redistributing it themselves. With the change to the BSD license, SMF is on it’s way to becoming a mainstream open source project. Unfortunately development is still done in a private version control system.

Video: Future of Javascript

Jeremy Ashkenas and Brendan Eich talk about the future of Javascript at JSConf 2011.

Titanium Studio, Mobile SDK 1.7 Release

Appcelerator has released the final version of their Titanium Studio product and Mobile SDK version 1.7. A full list of changes to the Mobile SDK since the previous release can be found here.

Fastdev for Android speeds prototyping and testing by enabling local changes to become instantly available to your application while the simulator is running. This eliminates the time-consuming steps of packaging, building and deploying apps for each change.

New cross platform APIs for TCP/IP networking: Sockets and Streams, and supporting APIs for managing Buffers and Codecs.

Universal Binaries: develop a single app for deployment on iPhone and iPad

Major improvements related to memory management and memory leaks for iOS (both iPhone and iPad) which substantially improves stability and performance.

How Not To Use Lambdas in Python

e000 has posted a humorous guide on how you shouldn’t be using lambda functions in Python. It starts off with the fairly harmless:

pow = lambda x, power: x**power

And gets to:

(lambda flask:
    (lambda app:
            lambda: 'Hello World!'

Zend Framework 2.0.0dev3 Released

The Zend Framework team is pleased to announce the third development release of Zend Framework 2.0, 2.0.0dev3. It is immediately downloadable from the Zend Framework servers:

NOTE! This release is not considered of production quality, and is released solely to provide a development snapshot for purposes of testing and research. Use at your own risk.

This release includes several features:

  • Refactoring of the Markup component
  • Refactoring of Zend\Tool and CodeGenerator to better accommodate namespaces
  • Merging of ZF 1.11.0 features into ZF2 (JSON and YAML Zend\Config adapters, etc.)
  • Migration and refactoring of the LiveDocx service
  • The new EventManager component
  • The proposed Dependency Injection component

Documentation is still in progress for several features, including the EventManager. A tutorial on the EventManager is available via this ZF2 tutorial slidedeck.

This release is primarily intended to solicit feedback and comments on the proposed Dependency Injection component. Documentation is provided on the wiki, which also contains a variety of use cases for which it was designed. Our goal is to develop a component that both promotes rapid application development as well as optimizes for performance in production. We’d love to get feedback from you on it.


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